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Research Papers (2020 - current)

Hitting the Jackpot - Development of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) and other rapid screening methods for the analysis of 18 fentanyl-derived synthetic opioids, N Gilbert, LH Antonides, CJ Schofield, A Costello, B Kilkelly, AR Cain, PRV Dalziel, K Horner, RE Mewis and OB Sutcliffe, Drug Testing and Analysis (2020), 1-14 (DOI:


Benchtop NMR analysis of piperazine-based drugs hyperpolarised by SABRE, T Tennant, MC Hulme, TBR Robertson, OB Sutcliffe and RE Mewis, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry (2020), 1–9 (DOI:


Detection and quantification of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists in infused papers from prisons in a constantly evolving illicit market, C Norman, G Walker, B McKirdy, C McDonald, D Fletcher, LH Antonides, OB Sutcliffe, N Nic Daeid and C McKenzie, Drug Testing and Analysis (2020), 12 (4), 538–554 (DOI:

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