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MANchester DRug Analysis & Knowledge Exchange (MANDRAKE) is research-active and publishes its findings - including the identification of novel substances, innovative methods for both lab and field detection and the biological/toxicological evauation of substances of concern in numerous internationally-recognised peer-reviewed journals (see below).

Quantification of MDMA in seized tablets using benchtop 1H NMR spectroscopy in the absence of internal standards, JH Hussain, N Gilbert, A Costello, CJ Schofield, EK Kemsley, OB Sutcliffe and RE Mewis, Forensic Chemistry (2020) [Accepted and in press; DOI:].


Hitting the Jackpot - Development of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) and other rapid screening methods for the analysis of 18 fentanyl-derived synthetic opioids, N Gilbert, LH Antonides, CJ Schofield, A Costello, B Kilkelly, AR Cain, PRV Dalziel, K Horner, RE Mewis and OB Sutcliffe, Drug Testing and Analysis (2020), 12, 798-811.


Benchtop NMR analysis of piperazine-based drugs hyperpolarised by SABRE, T Tennant, MC Hulme, TBR Robertson, OB Sutcliffe and RE Mewis, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry (2020), 1–9.


Hyperpolarisation of pyridyl fentalogues by Signal Amplification By Reversible Exchange (SABRE), TBR Robertson, LH Antonides, N Gilbert, SL Benjamin, SK Langley, LJ Munro, OB Sutcliffe and RE Mewis, ChemistryOpen (2019), 8, 1375-1382.


Quick test for the determination of N-Bombs (phenethylamine derivatives, NBOMe) using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography: A comparison between photodiode array and amperometric detection, HM Elbardisy, CW Foster, J Marron, RE Mewis, OB Sutcliffe, TS Belal, W Talaat, HG Daabees and CE Banks, ACS Omega (2019), 4 (11), 14439-14450.

Rapid Detection and Quantification of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Using Raman Spectroscopy and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering, H Muhamadali, A Watt, Y Xu, M Chisanga, A Subaihi, C Jones, DI Ellis, OB Sutcliffe and R Goodacre, Front. Chem. (2019), 7, 412.


Enantiospecific Synthesis, Chiral Separation, and Biological Activity of Four Indazole-3-Carboxamide-Type Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists and Their Detection in Seized Drug Samples, LH Antonides, A Cannaert, C Norman, L Vives, A Harrison, A Costello, N Nic Daeid, CP Stove, OB Sutcliffe and C McKenzie, Front. Chem. (2019), 7, 321. 


Rapid Identification of Novel Psychoactive and Other Controlled Substances Using Low-Field 1H NMR Spectroscopy, LH Antonides, RM Brignall, A Costello, J Ellison, SE Firth, N Gilbert, BJ Groom, SJ Hudson, MC Hulme, J Marron, ZA Pullen, TBR Robertson, CJ Schofield, DC Williamson, EK Kemsley, OB Sutcliffe and RE Mewis, ACS Omega (2019), 4 (4), 7103-7112.


Analytical determination of heroin, fentanyl and fentalogues using high-performance liquid chromatography with diode array and amperometric detection, Hadil M. Elbardisy, CW Foster, L Cumba, LH Antonides, N Gilbert, CJ Schofield, TS Belal, W Talaat, OB Sutcliffe, HG Daabees and CE Banks, Analytical Methods (2019), 11, 1053-1063.


Forensic Electrochemistry: The Electroanalytical Sensing of Mephedrone Metabolites, HM Elbardisy, A García-Miranda Ferrari, CW Foster, OB Sutcliffe, DAC Brownson, TS Belal, W Talaat, HG Daabees and CE Banks, ACS Omega (2019), 4 (1), 1947–1954.


Engineering molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) for the selective extraction and quantification of the novel psychoactive substance (NPS) methoxphenidine and its regioisomers, JW Lowdon, SMO Alkirkit, RE Mewis, DA Fulton, CE Banks, OB Sutcliffe and M Peeters, Analyst (2018), 143, 2002-2007.


Chemical synthesis, characterisation and in vitro and in vivo metabolism of the synthetic opioid MT-45 and its newly identified fluorinated analogue 2F-MT-45 with metabolite confirmation in urine samples from known drug users, C McKenzie, OB Sutcliffe, KD Read, P Scullion, O Epemolu, D Fletcher, A Helander, O Beck, A Rylski, LH Antonides, J Riley, SA Smith and N Nic Daeid, Forensic Toxicology (2018), 36 (2), 359-374.


Chromatographic retention behaviour, modelling and optimization of a UHPLC-UV separation of the regioisomers of the Novel Psychoactive Substance (NPS) methoxphenidine (MXP), BO Boateng, M Fever, D Edwards, P Petersson, MR Euerby and OB Sutcliffe, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (2018), 153, 238-247.

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